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The Disney Channel X-Wiki is a website about all things Disney! Please enjoy! - Dustin and Delaney Peratos


  • Beginning of the Disney Channel X-Wiki! (September 27, 2009

Disney Channel X-WikiEdit

Welcome to the Disney Channel X-Wiki. It is run by me (Dustin) and my sister (Delaney) alias Maggik Mage and Divine Princess. There are two other Disney Channel wikis on Wikia. They are called the Disney Channel wiki and the Disney Channel 2 wiki. This wiki was nearly called: "The Disney Channel 3 Wiki, but me and my sister had decided to go with Disney Channel X. This title was a merge of "Disney Channel" and "Disney XD". DO NOT CONFUSE THE TITLE WITH EX-WIKI! It is still a wiki. Nothing former about it!

Latest activityEdit

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